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Our analytics empower you to make the most of the blockchain industry.

Immutable Insight is all about leveraging the full potential of blockchain technology through data-driven approaches and crypto-asset analysis. We can generate insights about blockchain applications that no one else has. Unlike many competitors, we don't use a crystal ball or jump on board the blockchain-hype-express. We use our proprietary algorithms to evaluate blockchain projects through mathematical and physical modeling based on real-time data. And thus, we provide realistic evaluations instead of relying on guesses.

We use this data for asset management, data integrity research, and industrial analytics. Furthermore, we also utilize these unique insights to help build innovative crypto investment solutions for companies and retail investors. A few examples of products built on our insights:

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Save money to save the world.

sustainliquid was developed to introduce a money market-like product with the goal of positive yields that is ESG compliant. The product follows an investment strategy that focuses on the area of blockchain technology, based on the so‐called proof of stake consensus mechanism ("staking") and decentralized financial systems (DeFi). This crypto-investment product, primarily aimed at retail investors, does not include Bitcoin. Instead, investments are made in coins and applications of the staking blockchains. The investment strategy is developed following the article 9 Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation of the European Union.



The one-stop-shop for the Internet 3.0.

kryptobest offers easy access to crypto-investments, primarily aimed at retail investors. The investment strategy of kryptobest is based on the balanced combination of leading cryptocurrencies in connection with the investment in various tokens. The aim is to reduce volatility through appropriate diversification of the investment portfolio. The investment strategy is developed following the article 8 Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation of the European Union.


BlockchainFonds II

Invest in the best of the blockchain.

BlockchainFonds II is a professional investment product that gives institutional investors exposure to the strongest growing cryptocurrencies and tokens from the blockchain world. With an investment in the BlockchainFonds II, (semi-)professional investors get the opportunity to benefit from the Internet 3.0's growth and our state-of-the-art analytics.