Bright minds for bright decisions.

The team at Immutable Insight.

We provide relevant insights into how blockchain applications interact with their users. To this end, we base our analytics on complex physical and mathematical models. Sounds like the work of robots to you? Far from it! Immutable Insight, that's a team of experts from the finance and crypto-sectors that make sure you can make better-informed investment decisions every day.

"When it comes to expert solutions, these should better be built by real experts."

Katharina Gehra

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Katharina is one of the leading figures in the European and German blockchain scene. As Chief Executive Officer, she holds the overall responsibility for the company.

Katharina is member of the supervisory board of Fürstlich Castell'sche Bank and the Stuttgart Stock Exchange. She is an expert advisor on blockchain related topics for both the German government and the House of Parliament (Bundestag). Besides, she has been nominated several times as one of Germany´s “Top 40 under 40” by Capital Magazine and as one of Germany´s “Top 50 most influential woman in Tech” by Handelsblatt. Katharina is also a guest author for Handelsblatt, WirtschaftsWoche and Capital, and has her own podcast "Block52" with more than 200,000 listeners.

Katharina received a Master of Science in International Political Economy at the London School of Economics and Political Science. She started her career at Boston Consulting Group and Commerzbank. Afterwards, she became CEO of Interritus Limited, a private equity firm based in London.

Dr. rer. nat. Volker-Henning Winterer

Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

As the co-founder of Immutable Insight and Chief Technology Officer, Volker-Henning developed Immutable Insight’s technical infrastructure and quantitative models. He is responsible for the development and realization of the real-time analytics and algorithms at Immutable Insight.

After cooperating for more than 10 years with CERN, being the co-founder of the internationally renowned Black Forest Grid Computing Initiative and being a lecturer at several universities for more than 20 years, Volker has an outstanding reputation in the scientific community. In addition, he found his own consulting firm, Winterer Consult.

Volker-Henning is a physicist and computational scientist with a PhD and Master at CERN Geneva. He has served as a reviewer for the Lithuanian Ministry of Research and for the European Union. He has received several awards, including twice the Sun Academic Excellence Grant.

Giyun Jeong

Head of Data Science & Co-Founder

As Head of Data Science, Giyun is responsible for the quantitative and statistical analysis of relevant data based on blockchains.

With her knowledge in data mining, sentiment analytics and data visualizations, she calculates important analyses and draws conclusions for the further development of the company and its products.

Giyun grew up in South-Korea. Her blog reaches thousands of followers in her home country.

As a member of Winterer Consult, Giyun has worked as a consultant for many clients and has contributed to several successful projects. Giyun studied Economics at Suwon in South Korea, Nuertingen-Geislingen University and in Freiburg, Germany.

Dr. Christian Veith

Chairman of the Advisory Board

Christian Veith is the Chairman of the advisory board and a key shareholder of the company.

He worked at the Boston Consulting Group for more than 30 years, advising banks in Germany and Europe. Christian held several leadership positions in BCG. He was Global Head of HR, Head of BCG´s operations in Germany, Austria and CEE and European Chair. For many years he was member of BCG´s global Executive and Operating Committees. He holds several honorary leadership roles, among them the position as Chairman of the board of trustees of Bucerius Law School in Hamburg.

Christian studied law and economics in Munich and Bonn. In addition to his second law examination and his PhD in Law he earned an MBA with a specialization in finance from the University of Chicago (Booth School).

Jamie Richardson

Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer, Jamie oversees everything related with Finance at Immutable Insight. He supports the CEO with the information needed to make strategic decisions. Through his constant monitoring, he ensures the economic success and proposes concrete measures for further development. He most recently demonstrated his qualifications as a financial manager at ING as Director in Corporate & FI Lending in Frankfurt.

Prior to that, he gained over 20 years of professional experience in structured and corporate finance at Standard & Poor´s, Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AG, PwC and Ixis Corporate & Investment Bank. Jamie studied International Business at Clemson University and obtained an MBA at Thunderbird in Glendale, Arizona.

Stefan Armbruster

Chief Information Officer

As Chief Information Officer, Stefan is responsible for the smooth running and continuous scaling of the entire IT infrastructure. He is familiar with the ongoing growth of the company and the related requirements from his previous work experience.

Over the last 10 years, he designed solutions for complex databases. In his last position, he helped to grow the company from 30 to 500 employees and contributed to winning prestigious customers such as Microsoft, Ebay and LinkedIn. He owes his proactive and solution-oriented approach to his 15 prior years as an independent consultant. Additionally, he founded a software development, architecture and security company. His passion for new technologies and solving core technical issues is something he can put into practice every day at Immutable Insight.

Stefan gained his first professional experience as a developer and project manager at a large IT service provider during the .com phase. Before that, he successfully completed his studies as a graduate physicist.

Markus Stuber

Chief Risk Officer

As Chief Risk Officer, Markus weighs the opportunities and risks of all decisions for the company and investors. He is largely responsible for ensuring that the company’s development is stable and at the same time generating high returns. Markus has more than 20 years of professional experience in risk management. He also has a strong practical sense for decisions that offer good investment opportunities.

As a consultant in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, he has developed financial mathematical models for the risks of financial products for a wide variety of clients. Markus has introduced, expanded and optimized systematic processes for risk management in capital markets. At Immutable Insight, he focuses these diverse insights on a single company, laying the foundation for a continuous, data-based success curve. Markus studied Theoretical Physics at the University of Karlsruhe and Mathematical Finance at Oxford University.

Luise Vad

Chief Strategy Officer

Luise is responsible for business development as well as its successful operational implementation at Immutable Insight. She is head of ESG.

Luise holds a M.Sc. in Business Administration from the University of Bayreuth. Prior to her Masters, Luise completed a dual study program leading to a B.A. in International Business Administration which was in cooperation with IBM. Her studies included working assignments in Berlin, Hamburg and abroad in Shanghai at IBM. She completed the DLT Talents Program at the Frankfurt School of Finance in 2020.

Luise started her career in investment banking at UBS Europe SE in the financial centres of London, Zurich and Frankfurt.

Oliver Borgards

Head of Trading

Oliver is responsible for trading cryptocurrencies and derivatives for Immutable Insight’s Asset Management division. With more than ten years of experience in various positions in Portfolio & Investment Analytics at Allianz, he is well positioned to successfully shape Immutable Insight’s asset management division.

Oliver holds a degree in Economics from LMU Munich with a focus on capital markets and has been researching the topic of market anomalies in cryptocurrencies in the field of econometrics for several years. Furthermore, he is enrolled for a PhD in empirical economic research at University of Chemnitz.

Arno Trawinski

Risk Controller

As Risk Controller, Arno’s assessments are essential for the development of the company. With his careful consideration of available data and forecasts, Arno’s expertise helps the company make strategic decisions.

He has experience working in a successful start-up and at the pharmaceutical group, Hoffmann-La Roche. This practical experience is complemented by his M.Sc. in Management of Innovation & Business Development at Copenhagen Business School as well as his Bachelor in Economics and Business Administration with a focus on Finance.

Dr. Tim Stefaniak

Senior Computational Scientist

Tim is a Computational Scientist with a PhD in Physics. He is responsible for developing blockchain data analytics methods and applications for our company. Tim’s algorithms are crucial to the blockchain analytics that underlie our company’s technology.

Before joining our company he contributed significantly to the understanding of the Higgs particle and dark matter. Awarded with a Feodor-Lynen Research Fellowship from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Tim worked as research scientist at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and at the German Electron Synchrotron (DESY) in Hamburg. At our company his expert knowledge in machine learning, mathematical modelling and physics of complex systems consistently provides outstanding solutions.

After studying in Bremen, Göttingen and Uppsala, Tim completed his doctorate at the University of Bonn in the field of Theoretical Particle Physics.

Carsten Max Heldt

General Counsel

As General Counsel, Carsten Max Heldt is responsible for providing legal advice to Immutable Insight. He manages decision-making processes and their implementation in a legal context. Carsten Max Heldt has been a licensed attorney in Germany for over 20 years and was a successful partner in mid-sized law firms with clients in the finance, real estate and energy sectors.

He is a specialist lawyer for banking, capital market and tax law and also has many years of experience as a supervisory board member. In addition, Carsten Max Heldt is managing director and co-partner of AdvoTaxConsult Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH and maintains a law firm in Berlin. With this practical experience, he finds optimal solutions for Immutable Insight.

Daniel Acosta Stasiukynas


As an analyst at Immutable Insight, Daniel supports the founders and the business development in various special tasks. Furthermore, he develops and tests new application areas of Blockchain and makes the technology more accessible and usable.

Sustainability, new technologies and business management around decentralized financial markets are his passion. Daniel gained experience with the use of this technology during his studies as part of a student project at the TU Munich and Immutable Insight. Daniel studied Management and Technology at the TU Munich.

Loukas Mingas-Mandt


As an Analyst, Loukas is responsible for researching, creating and publishing articles and content for podcasts and social media platforms. As such, he is critical to the external perception and awareness of the company.

Being part of the Business Development team allows him to demonstrate his creativity and interest in the financial markets on a daily basis. He graduated from Hult International Business School in London with Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and majoring in Finance.

Anne Klier

Data Scientist

As a Data Scientist, Anne develops and implements new algorithms for analysing data obtained using the Blockchain. In doing so, she contributes to unleashing the hidden potential of Blockchain technology. As an outstanding mathematician, she has been exposed to many different fields of science, both in theory and in practice.

At Immutable Insight, she contributes her knowledge to create smart solutions for new challenges. She makes the ingenious technology used in practice. She earned a Masters degree in Mathematics with a focus on Machine Learning in Bayreuth while spending a semester abroad in Stockholm. She completed her B.S. at the University of Bayreuth“.

Stefanie Kretzschmar

Executive Assistant

As Executive Assistant, Stefanie organizes together with Jessica the intense daily routine of our fast growing company. With her experience as a board secretary at Commerzbank AG, she not only has the team’s back, but also knows the financial industry first-hand.

In this young, agile company, she can fully contribute her organizational strengths. Stefanie’s education and training more than prepared her for her role at Immutable Insight. She earned a degree in International Management at the FOM in Frankfurt am Main. Additionally, she completed training as an IT specialist at Dresdner Bank AG.

Jessica Simon

Executive Assistant

As Executive Assistant, Jessica, together with Stefanie, supports the coordination of the daily routine of Immutable Insight’s CEO and Executive Team. After her apprenticeship at the Deutsche Bundesbank, Jessica gained her first work experience in Shanghai.

Her interest in the financial industry and innovative technologies has remained her passion. Jessica holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Applied Sciences in Munich.

Stefanie Simon

Project Assistant

As a Project Assistant, Stefanie is responsible for the planning and organization process of all internal as well as external events. She also manages several HR tasks in cooperation with the Executive Office.

She has gained significant event and project management experience by planning numerous international events for the pharmaceutical industry. She also assisted by the organization of the well known Munich Security Conference in Munich, Germany.

Stefanie is studying business administration at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich and would like to gain further experience in the financial industry through her involvement with Immutable Insight.